EMR & Paperless Facility

We have EMR (electronic medical record) that would allow us to meet our goal of having a completely paperless medical record. The most immediate benefits of our EMR system have been accurate medication lists, legible notes and prescriptions, immediately available charts, easy access of patient information for immediate care, time saving of patient visit to hospital. We are still just beginning to scratch the surface of what's possible, but we would never go back to paper again.

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International Patient Relations

International patients can visit our hospital for all eye care services. A patient who wants our services can contact our ophthalmologist directly via phone or by mail. All support of travel, accommodation and eye care treatment will be provided by the Hospital International Patient Relations team. IPR contact can be used by NRI's also. For further enquiries and services mail us at info@drishyameye.com and call us on 7025151199.

Inhouse Laboratory

We have a well organized clinical laboratory in the hospital so that the patients can avail the Department of Laboratory services at Drishyam Eye Care Hospital. We are offering our Laboratory services to the people around and calling to our hospital contact will make our Laboratory staff to reach your location to collect the sample and will share the reports via mobile/email/direct based on the request. There is no additional cost incurred to avail the services other than the hospital laboratory charges. The facility is available on all working days.

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Inhouse Pharmacy

Our pharmacy offers the convenience of filling your prescriptions at the time of your appointment and same day refills on most prescriptions. In addition to prescription services, we offer a wide variety of over the counter medications and medical supplies.

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